Tom, your critical analysis of Spotify is the best that I've read.

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I am a senior with hearing loss. These days I mostly listen to jazz and classical ( why can’t I get Moby Grape?) Spotify was fine for me. They had/have a great Art Blakey playlist. I quit Spotify this week because of the money they are paying Joe Rogan. You can’t cancel free speech but on the other hand Joe Rogan needs to receive $0 for his putrid, proto-fascist point of view.

And, Apple Carrie’s his podcast as well (but presumably doesn’t pay as much for it). If Apple does pay Joe Rogan is everyone willing to give up their iPhones and MAC’s?

Streaming is not a free love event. Everybody who does it, does it to make money.

I’m down to buying a few CD’s a year and no vinyl for me. Streaming is here to stay.

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